Personal Portfolio Template

Hello! I enjoyed this project and tried to involve all the skills i got through the coursework so far in this in some way. It took me about a week to complete. See below for links to the repo and the website. Please let me know if you have any feedback, i appreciate the help and the time!

repo: GitHub - klunkyfungus/Personal-Portfolio-Template
site: Klunky's Portfolio

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Hey there, first of all I love the overall layout. Simple, clean, organised and easy to navigate :slight_smile:
I wanted to highlight a couple possible ideas to keep improving it:

  • Have the project section to be always on display: I believe this section should be a big spotlight on your website since it’s where you can show cast all you have accomplished and shine!
  • I like the selection of colors, contrasts and design style. However, the logo does not seem to really match the style of the rest of the design. Maybe consider making a more “elegant” or simple logo or even bolder, make the rest of the website a bit more cartoon-ish with strong lines to match the style of the logo.
  • There alignment to the right of your footer seems a bit crowded. Maybe consider centering it and making it visually separeted form the contact me button.

Anyways, I believe this is a great starting point for your project and congratulations on your hard work!

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Thank you for your insightful feedback :pray:t4:! Those all sound like great ideas :grin: