Personal Portfolio Site - IT Technician of 5 years, new to Web Dev

I found this project relatively easy as I have been playing around with Web Development for a few years, but haven’t really taken it seriously until now.

You can find my portfolio project included here. It is responsive and I did end up creating a very simple contact page, but I look forward to moving on with projects that I can get into with greater depth.

Github Project

I like the minimalistic feel of your portfolio. Very straight foward!

I would suggest adding some hyperlinks to your project images. Perhaps they can be to the github repository of each one so someone can skim through your code and see your proficiency.

Thanks for looking it over! Likely will do once I’ve made more progress on the course.

Hi @numidious, thank you for sharing your portfolio site; you put it together nicely! :+1:t2:
If you would like to keep working on it, I could recommend the following:

  • For the second and third projects (Papering My Wall and Jordan’s Wares), the images won’t load. You can double-check the path and the names of the images for typos. Or open your website with another browser (cross-browser testing).
  • Design improvement idea: Instead of having the contact info on a separate page, I would include it at the bottom of the main page in the same way as you did it with About, Projects, and Skills. And then, you can add a “Back to the Top” button at the bottom of the page. This could make it easier for users to navigate through your website.