Personal Portfolio Review (Full-Stack Engineer Course)

Hi there, thanks for stopping by to read my post!

Here’s a link to my git repo :slight_smile:

And the website:

I really enjoyed bringing all of the skills that the full-stack developer course taught me together to build a website for myself. It took me roughly a week to organize everything in a way that I was happy with, and I’m really proud of the current product. Any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Through this experience I gained a much deeper appreciation for custom UX design and a better understanding of how to use git. I learned that I could download my repo from github to my local machine, work on it a bit, and upload it back to github. Then, on a different machine, use git clone to download the updated repo and continue from where I left off. As a result I was able to take my work wherever I wanted, and it was extremely convenient. Git is amazing!

You should have a look into this, it’s overlapped.

Thanks for the comment Eugene!

In terms of the overlapping, I have it so that clicking the orange UX tab changes the display of the blue box below the tabs from grid to none and an orange box from none to grid. So I guess you could say that the overlapping is intentional :slight_smile: