Personal Portfolio Projects Review - HTML5, CSS3, JS

Personal Portfolio Projects :computer:

Table of Contents :receipt:

  1. rquote
  2. guessme
  3. todolie
  4. clocked
  5. petshot
  6. colorfun

In the next sections, I present all the personal projects that I have created so far from when I started Codecademy. Please provide feedback and code review for the following web apps. :man_technologist:

  1. rquote

A webapp that generates random quotes.

  1. guessme

A webapp that has games about random guessing.

  1. todolie

A basic to-do webapp.

  1. clocked

This is a webapp that has functionalities of time.

  1. petshot

A flexbox based webapp with a dog pair matching game.

  1. colorfun

A Hex / RGB Generator webapp created with CSS Grid.

Note: I know it is a lot, but only if you provided feedback for only one web app I would be more than happy! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is definitely awesome. I have tons of projects like this that I always have in my GitHub and Codepen / BitBucket, essentially anywhere a possible employer will see it.

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