Personal Portfolio Project

This project felt appropriate enough in difficulty – I think it probably took me a solid 6 hours to put together and make it look the way I want it to look. Find the link below, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I recognize that the picture for Shakespeare is big, but it will tile and shrink as I add additional portfolio projects. I also want to add some photos of myself in the hero space at the top of the page and in the about me section once I’ve had some nice ones taken.

Here it is:

Woow , looks really good, animations are slick, site feels like its made by some experienced developer.
The only thing that I would work on is device size compatibility, just some small changes to the font sizes and things like that. Did you use vanilla JS and CSS?

Thank you for taking a look at it! Yes, all vanilla JS and CSS.

I appreciate the comment about device size compatibility. I tried to utilize rem sizing everywhere to help adjust, but the default is a bit small on large screens and a bit big on smaller screens… I will definitely need to keep tweaking it!

Pretty nice project :+1: Good luck in your coding journey :slight_smile: