Personal Portfolio Project

Hello everyone!

I’ve enjoyed creating my personal portfolio and would love some feedback to improve it!

Here is My Portfolio.
Here is the Git Hub Repository.

Must still add few projects and change the profile pictures but the structure is what you currently see.

I’ve used HTML, CSS mainly. Added JS to count my age (so that I don’t have to update it every year), on scroll event (profile image and status bar image change in size and opacity), the hamburger menu interactivity and probably will add a night mode toggle.

It took me few hours to make it and other 5/10 to perfect it as I wanted.

Please share your feedback. I would really appreciate it.

Have a lovely day guys.


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Looking good Stefano.

A couple of things to consider:

  • Your footer on your contacts page isn’t at the bottom of the page, you may need to some padding or margin to your footer to get it down slightly.

  • The link to your project takes you to a Github page, if I was reviewing your portfolio I would hope to see a link directly to the webpage itself, and then maybe a link to your Github (which you already have) in your contact section.

Good luck with your move from hospitality into software.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions @net8601810505 !

I’ll be working on the points you raised.

thanks again!