Personal Portfolio Project

Hello! This is my take on the Personal Portfolio Project.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, definitely a work in progress!
I found that this project was quite challenging and fun, and I definitely learned a lot while doing it. :slight_smile:

P.S. ignore the dog images, those are just placeholders haha

I love the website (even with the doggos) but there is one problem I have with it.
I feel like between one “chunk” of text (e.g. when you gave your introduction) and the next “chunk” (e.g. your about me) is way too much space. On my laptop its a whole screen worth of space and well yeah it makes it feel kinda weird.
but yeah, its a great site!

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Thank you for the feedback!! Yeah I get what you mean and I’ll definitely look over and edit that :slight_smile:

You’ve made a very professional site! I can see your logic behind making each section of your page feel discreet but I had a similar experience to the other comment while scrolling through it.

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Thank you!! And thanks for the feedback! Yeah I see what you both mean – updated it now. :smile:

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