Personal Portfolio Project

Hello everybody, I just finished this project and would appreciate some feedback. Using Javascript to make it interactive was very fun, although I had a hard time setting it up, made a lot of mistakes but nothing Google could´t solve.

Here is the live version.

Here is the repo.

Thank you!

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It looks great, well done for completing it! :clap:

The (very minor!) thing I would point out is that on smaller resolutions, for example a phone, there are some slight issues with how the layout displays:

  • When this section is only a single column the bottom element slightly overlaps the next section:
  • Also the content is ever so slighy too wide and results in some blank space and a horizontal scroll (which you normally want to avoid):

    This looks to be due to extra margin on the very top section (specifically on the credits header)

Overall it looks awesome though, great job! :tada:

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Thank you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I corrected the issues and learned a lot fixing the second issue. Thanks a lot!!

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