Personal Portfolio project

It took two weeks to complete this project, please let me know your feedback to improve

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First of,
Really nice portfolio! I like that you have included a light/darkmode switch and the design seems to scale well, plus it’s aligned nicely.
Now, the feedback.
On lightmode, the content is easily distinguishable and readable. However, on darkmode it seems that the contrast between the colours is too low. When layering white on top of a light blue colour, it becomes harder to read the text.
Consider your skills table.
If the text colour was black instead of white, it would make it much easier to read.

In the About Me section, the white serif font becomes a bit hard to read as well, at least to me.
There is a lot of great font styles to use on Google Fonts that you can try to implement.

That’s all from me!
Happy coding!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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