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Hello everyone! I am working on my personal portfolio and my portfolio is bland, I haven’t worked on a lot of projects, so I don’t have much to show, would anyone have any advice to help me make my project a little less bland and more eyeopening? Thank you!

Also I was trying to add some of my certifications from codecademy, and I was having some issues when i tried to download the PDF file. anyone else having this issue?

Hey Calvin! I’d definetly consider having your portfolio running as a github pages

I took a look at the images, those are great, most of them have to go somewhere. I’d try giving more contrast to the left side, “Calvin Lee Full stack developer” is really hard to read right now. Also, I’d give it a try to stack those four columns one on top of the other instead of having a 2x2 grid.

Good luck man!

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It’s definitely good to link your GitHub account on your resume and possibly your LinkedIn account, but, I agree w/ @lucasvinzon about using GitHub Pages to create a portfolio.

There’s also a bunch of free templates you can use via Jekyll:

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Thank you gentleman! I am trying to work with github pages!

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