Personal Portfolio Project - Jeff Henrichs

Hey Eveybody,

I have spent a week on this project. At the time of writing it is still not fully complete as I plan to add future projects and add new features to it. As for now, I would like to get your feedback to see what I can change or what I can add to make the experience better.

I chose to do a simple styling or better organization and visibility. The Linkedin and Github icons are linked to my profile. Feel free to connect with me on there.

Note: the Codepen icon is linked yet as I haven’t created an account. However< I plan to create one soon to demo my projects.

Link: GitHub - jjhenrichs/portfolio: A web portfolio to showcase my best work, skills, and ways to reach me.

Hi, there!

I would love to take a peek at your portfolio. Could you launch a GitHub page so we can view it live?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Good morning, @kirativewd

I just set up a GitHub Page for my web portfolio.
Link to GitHub Page: Jeff Henrichs - Web Developer

As a work in progress, I will give you some insights on some things I noticed:

  • I don’t think it would hurt to have a larger font for your content and larger block padding for each section.

  • For your projects section, having your skills right after the h2 is a little confusing for placement. Instead, you could use the skills as a section breaker between your about and projects or combine them with your certifications.

  • For the projects themselves, I would also recommend using GitHub pages so users can see your work live. And I would also do the same thing with those projects as you did with the certifications: provide an image showing what they look like.

  • The links for your certifications take users to the website where you obtained the certification. When I clicked on it, I assumed it was going to reveal a larger image of the certification itself. So, the intent of the link is a little confusing

Overall, I think you did a great job. This is a good starter portfolio project; just some aesthetic touch ups and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!~

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Is there supposed to be content? All I can see is the default text “Lorem Ipsum…” in the About section. The structure of the projects and certifications section looks alright. Area of improvement: work on styling font, headers, structure of layout.

Eventually, there will be content for the bio. This web portfolio is a work in progress and I will work on the side as I work on the Front-End Carrer Path, and get more projects in.

I forgot to edit the font, so thanks for letting me know.

If could pick your mind? What changes should I make to the header and content?

How big should I make the font? I ask this because I didn’t want to make it too big especially on mobile devices.

I don’t know much about GitHub Pages, but I thought that I would demo my code using Codepen so people can view my code and see the result of it at the same time.

For the link for the certs, the idea I had was to link it to the web page where they are hosted in case, anyone had more info on them. I also made the Certifications title a link to the badges so I guess my idea was moot.

I don’t know how to make them bigger, but I think that is a great idea and I’ll let you know when I get that up and running.

For the content in about the author section, write up a short introduction or summary about your work, what you are interested in, what are you working on, what opportunities you are looking for currently. Try to include your profile picture too.

For the headers, use a different font color, different font style from the content to make it stand out from the rest of the content. You can google ‘font pairings’ for the font styles. I found this link you might find useful. Fontpair - Free, beautiful fonts and font pairings curated just for you

The size you choose would be up to you! I usually size my paragraphs to 1.125-1.5rem max depending on design, and then scale titles based on that.

If you’re worried about font-size responsiveness, you can always use media queries. However, I also suggest looking into clamp(), minmax(), and calc() for some fun responsive powers without the need for media queries. :sunglasses: