Personal Portfolio Project for BBruns

Personal Portfolio Website

This webdesign was developed for a Portfolio Website project assignment at Codecademy

The project required:

  • At least one interactive feature using JavaScript
  • Use of Git version control
  • Use of the command line and file navigation
  • The use of Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • The finished website be deployed to the web using GitHub Pages

Webdesign uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Fonts, and fa-fontawesome icons with the following features:

  • Multiple page webdesign with responsive navigation
  • Sidebar navigation for computer screens
  • Hamburger navigation for smaller screens (required JavaScript)
  • Website page that launches web project when image is selected
  • Photo page with photo images that expand when selected (required JavaScript)
  • All pages are responsive to screen size by device (e.g., iPad, phone)

Project Challenges:

  • Project took around 50 to 60 hours to complete
  • Most time was spent on sidebar and hamburger navigation approach and photo page

Link to view portfolio website: Barry Bruns, eLearning Design & Development

GitHub - Link: GitHub - Quercus-Alba/BBruns_personal_portfolio

All photos Copyright 2022 Barry J. Bruns. All rights reserved.

Please provide feedback or comments.

Thank you!

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Good job! Very nice and simple.

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Well done! Looks good to me, very simple and easy to read.

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