Personal Portfolio Project: Feedback Would Be Appreciated

Website: Samuel Esquibel | Portfolio
Github Repo: GitHub - sesquibel/portfolio: A portfolio website to display the cool things I've been working on!

This is my attempt at creating the personal portfolio project. I created it using just CSS and HTML since I felt that no JavaScript was needed and would create unnecessary bloat on the site.

This project is mobile-first, responsive, and has a perfect lighthouse score. The only outside libraries I use are Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts (Raleway and Opens Sans - I know they’re both sans serif, but I think they work well together).

This project was difficult in the sense that it never felt finished. But, skill-wise, it was relatively easy, especially when I created a wireframe first and went from there. It took me about three weeks to complete because I work full time and have two kids under two, so I had to fit in time to get it done whenever I could.

It contains a navigation section, hero section, project section, about section, contact section, and footer section.

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Hi Samuel!
You’re going all in there by even offering design & dev services!

I liked your site, not only because of the code but also because of its content. I think that you can improve it by checking the sizes and margins of each section when scaling the screen, there are some breakpoints that you can add to make it feel more fluid when testing responsiveness. I think that can help you a lot.

Keep it up!


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! I am going to take a look and see where I can make the site more responsive.