Personal portfolio project - Feedback welcome!

Hello everyone!!!

I finally managed to upload my portfolio online! It took me 2 weeks working at night.
The portfolio is full responsive and with javascript to make it interactive, I still need to add some projects to the section but the bulk is done.

Designed on Figma doing wireframe and graphic layout before getting my hands on the code!
Would love to get constructive feedback on how I can improve it or do better!


Looks great- only problem is when you shrink the screen elements are getting hidden. I Would work on making adjustments to the page for screen sizes larger mobile (small laptop and Ipad).

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Yes you are right! I still have to implement the responsive mode for tablets and small laptops.
I have prioritised the desktop and mobile version, in the next month I will do the upgrade!

Thank you very much for the feedback, it is really appreciated!