Personal portfolio - Mert Şakar

Hello everyone,

I have just complated the very basics of my personal portfolio webpage! I am open for all of your feedbacks!
Check it right here! —>
also you can click here —>

Project is a good opportunity to review what we learned until now. And with some google search I would be able to add some extra features to my site. I also redirected my free domain (thanks to codecademy!) to my github page.

It took nearly 1 week to build my site. I am looking forward to update it regularly. My next plan is posting my cats’ heart warming pictures. This way I want to exercise on grid layout.

Thanks for your feedbacks in advance!

Nice project! I think it’s really cool the option to change the colors of the site :smiley:

As things that I noticed you could improve:

  • Take care of the responsiveness of the website as when you resize the screen, the buttons on top are not always visible.
  • I noticed when looking at your code that you have a function for changing the image from square to round when clicking but just taking a look at your website I could not tell it was possible. You could add a hover style with change of cursor (for example) for better accessability of the function.

Good job! :clap: :smile:

Checked out the site and it looks great. Looks like you have a lot of various projects already. I don’t have a lot of constructive feedback other than mentioning one typo on your last paragraph in the about me section. Your ahead of me in your learning journey and the site has a clean look.