Personal Portfolio Marina

Hey there!

Here is my project I created within the Front-end career path. I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It was not easy but I had lots of fun creating it. I had to search a lot in the documentation, in other platform’s forums, watch tutorial videos and research around the internet to get to solve some issues. It took me a weekend to complete it.

Here it is!:

Every feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:


Looks great! As I minor comment, I would say that the H1 (Hello there…) does not scale-down in size for me when I narrow my Chrome window on a desktop (causing text to be overflowing to the right). But seems to work well on mobile devices. Perhaps the media-query can be tweaked a little to address the issue…

Pretty nice! There are some spelling errors that probably you didn’t notice. But in general I like your site a lot.

Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Definitely, I have to work more on the mobile version. I will try to improve it more to cover the situation you said.

Thank you again :smiley:


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Hi Sefran,

Uh! Probably they are, I need to improve more my English! :smiley:

I will re-read the content. Thanks a lot for your comment!


I would suggest to not include your phone number or birthday on your site unless you want to get spammed/scammed.
There’s no need for that info to be there. If you want to include a ph. number on your resume and have it (the resume) linked there, use a google talk number. Or, don’t include your phone number at all, just a professional email.
That’s my .02 :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for your comment.

Actually, both my birthday and phone number info is fake. :sweat_smile: You’re right, no personal data should be shared in this case



Okay, whew! Good! :slight_smile:

I don’t want to see anyone get scammed.