Personal Portfolio -let me know what you think

Hello everyone,
Here is the link to my portfolio: Portfolio
It took me almost a week to complete this, it is not the final version as I will add more animations and projects as soon as I access more lessons on CodeCademy. It was really fun and a good exercise for what I’ve learned (or not:))) ) so far.
Please let me know what you think.
Thank you!
link to the repo: GitHub - danaandr/portfolio


The website looks good. Good job


Hi, @object9182595142

Wow! Looks amazing - Love it!

Which path are you doing at the moment? Looks pretty advanced! (Or maybe compared to mine lol!)

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Wow! That’s the best project I’ve seen on this platform so far! Looks like you’re already done with the whole front-end course. How’d you add all those little icons to some of your paragraphs? Plus I checked out your other websites, really impressive. I’m wondering how you created that nav bar

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Thank you for your feedback! The icons ar very easy to use, just go to this link , it’a a free library with thousands of icons that you can choose for your project. You just need to insert the script code into your html , choose the colour and size for the icons that you chose and insert the code like in the example: . You can watch more here: Web Icons with No External Libraries! (🙅 No More Font Awesome) - YouTube . it’s the video that I took the inspiration from :slight_smile: For the navbar, I searched for examples of how can I create one with JavaScript and i found some tutorials also on Youtube. There are lots of places for inspiration. For example, I started with examples of portfolios of webdevelopers that i really really liked and then just try and search on how I can recreate the same thing( or almost the same thing, bc I still don’t know how to do a lot of things). But the key is to a lot of research and get inspired.
I wish you best of luck!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I am currently on the Front End Engineer Career Path. I still have a lot to learn, but for everything that I find difficult to implement, I search for tutorials on youtube or other platforms. For this project I took inspiration from famous webdesigners portfolios and try to search on how they did it.