Personal Portfolio - Geoff Buchan

Hello! Here is my personal portfolio project:
Here’s the link to my code:

I didn’t include any javascript functionality - that is in the plans for the second iteration. Thinking of a sidebar menu that pops in/out on command.

The website uses responsive design and presents differently on mobile vs desktop.

I had fun building this, but it took me a while to come up with a format that I really liked the look of. Did a first draft in grid but moved on from it.

Would love any feedback! Thanks in advance.

Looks good!

The Image of yourself on the desktop version i would move in more towards the center, as it seems a bit offset to one side for me.

also, what are the sizes of the images you are using? It seemed to load a bit slow at first thought that could be due to my internet speed.

A tool to use is this:

It gives you a bit of feedback on things such as performance, SEO, Best practices etc.

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Two things from a quick glance at the page and code.

  1. The projects should have some sort of link to the project, if I’m interested in having a website done I’d want to play on the websites you’d already done to check if/how well you can do accessibility etc.

  2. Header tags (h1, h2, etc) shouldn’t be used to make text bold or big, they should be used for structure. You’ve used it for the copyright statement, for example. You should also only have one h1 tag unless you have multiple article tags, in which case one per article. The importance of this is search engine optimisation (SEO).

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Thanks for the suggestion! I think that’s a good idea - I’ll make the change.

Good point on the images. They were pretty high res and I’ve done nothing to change the file size. Thanks for that website, that seems like a great resource. I’ll go through that and see what changes I can make.

Thanks for the feedback! With respect to point 1 - It’s sort of a chicken/egg thing. I really don’t have anything to put in my portfolio yet and so what is there is almost a placeholder. But I guess I could create a live version of the ‘club’ page and link it to that. But I completely understand what you’re saying.

Point 2 - guilty as charged. I’ll go back through to reformat the text/headers.

Thanks for taking a look and giving feedback! Much appreciated.