Personal Portfolio Full Stack

Hi, this is my personal portfolio for Full Stack Path.
the code is here:

page here:

Please feel free to comment

Good day,

Firstly, good job on the site. I just have a couple of notes on it:

  1. The links in the nav bar don’t go anywhere when clicked, Also, the logo is usually also utilised as a ‘Home page’ link as well.

  2. Social Media links do not go anywhere.

  3. Your images under the skills section, which indicate the different technologies / languages do not have alt tags associated with them.

  4. The projects also do not lead anywhere.

In summary, the main thing is that none of the links really work. With something like the projects, maybe link those to other sites you’ve created, or GitHub repos.

Have a look at using something like Google Lighthouse (There are extensions available for browsers). This will scan your site and pick up any possible issues you may encounter, anything from loading times to missing alt tags on images.

Take Care.

Hi Pedro,

I think the design of the site is really nice and functional. To expand on what Dom said above, the nav links are not working properly.

Let’s take a look at the code:

Step 1.

<a href="#">PROJECTS</a>

When linking to sections of your page, you want your link to refer to the name of the section class or id.
The proper syntax would look like this:

<li><a href="#nameOfID">PROJECTS</a></li>

Do you spot the error? your closing angle bracket on your opening ‘a’ tag is misplaced.

Step 2.

#nameOfID would be the attribute you used in your tag for the home/header section.

For example, in the nav bar you refer to your projects sections as:

<a href="#">PROJECTS</a>

However, in the section where your projects are located, you refer to it as:

<section class="projectsmain"></section>

In order for these two to be connected the class or id used has to be the same name as below:

navigation bar:

<a href="#projectsMain">PROJECTS</a>

projects section:

<section id="projectsMain"></section>

I hope this helps.

If anyone has any additional information, please share. If I had not assisted correctly, please let me know.

Good luck Predro!


Hi, thank you for looking at it, I’ll take a look on it!

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.
This is my personal portfolio project:

you can visualise page here: Personal Portfolio