Personal portfolio from an ecology background

Hello there,

Repo: GitHub - merielmelendrez/portfolio at master

I appreciated the simplicity of the assigned project plus optional challenges. I added a zoom function to two photos that needed it, definitions on hover, and a dropdown navigation bar for mobile.

I welcome advice about that nav. It functions by hiding the overflow, which stops being overflow around 800px width—the width of a tablet in portrait mode. The desktop nav bar I designed is too wide for that breakpoint. I haven’t yet set aside the time to redesign. Again, ideas welcome!

The site includes some theory about ecology and I tried three different methods for providing definitions on hover: Wikipedia-style JS page previews, changing the CSS display of flexbox divs, and dfn tags. Each had their benefits. The tags offered the easiest solution but take too long to show up and changed the aesthetic. I need to finish refactoring after all that.

Finally, heads up about a split in the repo. I used an older reference for Git commands and pushed my files to “master”—old terminology—not “main,” creating a pesky, second, rooted branch when I set up the repo. So far, in this context, the problem appears cosmetic.

Thank you for any feedback.

With respect,


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