Personal Portfolio for Feedback :)

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?
    I think it is just right. There are several requirements needed so this project to remember those is perfect for practice. The hardest part is probably the CSS styling. I still need to improve on using CSS flexboxes and CSS grids. I was so tempted to just use Bootstrap or Bulma!

  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete
    5 days! I spent a long time on the design (especially the logo) and tweaking and changing a lot of things to fit my “vision”. I also added portfolio pages (not great styling at the moment). I also spent a lot of time with the media queries. Those are nasty to figure out!

  • The link to your code repo

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Nice Job! I like the animation of the cog wheel at the beginning of each section.