Personal Portfolio -Feel free to share your feedback

Hello guys,
Here is my project link -
Feel free to talk about the color, accessibility, semantics and overall UI/UX. I welcome your opinion.

It took me around a week or so.
It was quite difficult to understand react without knowing react. But with lots of troubleshooting and engineering i finally completed the project. I wanted it to look vibrant but could not figure out a combination. Im satisfied with the animations. I dont know if the fonts are okay. The sections are not updated with real information yet. Just some sample photos for testing.

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I really like your website :+1:t2:
The design is concise and clear. The animations are neither too few nor too many, but just right. Everything works perfectly in both mobile and fullscreen form.
I don’t even know what remarks I could make :smiley:

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Thank you Zarlana.

check out my new Portfolio site