Personal portfolio, feedback welcome

This has overall been the most challenging programming task i’ve undertaken, it taught me to search google a lot, ask for help, and read a ton. I’m looking to keep building this site till it has all the pages for a real portfolio website, do leave comments, suggestions and correction. Thanks

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Looks pretty darn good to me so far! I’m only 25% of through the frontend engineer course and cannot wait to get to this stuff. Love the dark mode toggle too!

Thanks a ton man, if you need any help or study buddy, do connect with me. I’m at 28% on the FullStack journey, just started the frontend module


Hey I thought it looked pretty my awesome. I would like to say thought clicking your links in your nav bar do not lead me to a destination.

Looks great! Clean and easy to navigate.

One area of improvement is to figure out how to async the loading of the background image. Looks kinda awkward loading up. Just a minor detail.

Would greatly appreciate a review on my page as well or any criticism if you have the time:

Wow, this looks great.

This looks fantastic! Super clean and the styling is lovely. My only feedback would be I personally would love to see a smooth scroll implementation for the nav links, I feel this would add a nice finishing touch :slight_smile:

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I’d give that a try, I actually didn’t do any implementations for the nav links, so they’re blank, but I think with your suggestion, I’d actually implement the scroll animations to link to the sections kf the corresponding pages :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

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