Personal Portfolio Feedback Please

Here’s my Website:

Hi yigitceli, website looks great! I like the JS used to animate the header on scroll. I’m just a beginner so just my 2 cents…

I think the about me section could be better with splitting the text into more paragraphs.

I think the projects section could be more readable with some extra padding too, it feels compressed without the extra white space.

With the script.js, although functions get hoisted it’s best practice to declare functions before they are used. I think it’s a good opportunity to refactor the for loops using the for/of syntax to make easier reading and debugging.

For example

var navItems = document.getElementsByClassName("nav-items");
var navList = document.getElementsByClassName("nav-list");
var navItems2 = document.getElementsByClassName("nav-items2");
var navList2 = document.getElementsByClassName("nav-list2");

function scrollFunction() {
  if(window.pageYOffset > 30) {
    for (elements of navItems) elements.className="nav-items2";
    for (elements of navList) elements.className="nav-list2";

    document.querySelector("header").className = "header2";
    document.querySelector("h1").className = "h1";
  } else {
    for (elements of navItems2) elements.className = "nav-items";
    for (elements of navList2) elements.className = "nav-list";

window.onscroll = function () {