Personal Portfolio feedback please

Hi guys,
I would like to share with you my first personal portfolio page I have created. It meant to be fairly simple, holds some projects, has another contact page, and also be responsive and be interactive using JS.
It took me one day and I found struggle in a responsive design. Does anyone have some magic general advise how to set up project to behave responsively from very begin? Other than like me creating a full screen website that looks great and then spend hours trying to make it look good on small screens?
I had biggest issue with the footer as I could not control this little social media images. I found some solution based on my previous webpages and turned them into list of images.
But i still dont know why they so far apart.
I am still at the begin of implementing JS into a web page so I basically used syntax found in the web , very basic ti change my profile picture once i click on it.

Finally if you guys can spot anything technically incorrect while setting up github, or my folders / directories, any advice would be really welcome.

Many thanks!!!

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I would think you need to organise your files, try to create separate folders for each of your images, css, javascript. Also did you know you can create a page that showcases your live website on GitHub - called Github Page, so that your site could be viewed live.

Keep at it :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. You absolutely right about organising stuff, its a mess :slight_smile: I also figured out how to publish on pages so every other project is live now. Thanks again !!!

No worries, we are all just doing our best to become better.

You can create a portfolio page on any website like this:

Dear Mateus, I just can’t check your portfolio. It doesn’t have any link in github to see it, you readme file doesn’t have any information about how did you created it.

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Oh dear. For some reason It was showing my main branch instead of master that i actually worked on. I attach necessary links below :slight_smile:

Any feedback will be welcomed