Personal Portfolio - Feedback and help with JS are greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone! This is my portfolio project:
Live site: Alebel Design
Git repository: GitHub - a-lebel/Alebel-Design
I took advantage of this project to start working in my real Portfolio website as a designer and Web developer, for now I only worked on the homepage (without mentioning design services yet) and the project gallery for the web development services.

I’m really really struggling with javascript, I can do the excercises in the course but when it’s time to apply them on my projects I struggle, so any feedback or help would be appreciated.

I hope you like it!

I ended up changing the header as the animation gave me so much trouble. This is the new site,
live site: Alebel Design
github: GitHub - a-lebel/Webpage-Alebel

Thank you for your feedback!!

Hey @text0201631131!

I would say overall it looks, amazing. I would suggest centering your nav bar at the top, currently it’s a bit off to the right. Maybe the images you find on the website could have rounded corners and a border? I also feel, apart from the scrolling text, it doesn’t feel really too alive (not to be rude) and could use some hover transitions, or some objects floating in, like in my portfolio →
You don’t need to follow my suggestions to a tee, just do it in a way that is fun for you. I hope this helps and have a great day!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I’ll definitely keep working on it as I will use it as my official portfolio, so one of the things I need to do next is apply some more transitions and interactivity, it’s too static for now. I’m just really struggling with javascript, so the animations are giving me a hard time.
Your portfolio looks great! It has a lot of animations that I wish I could implement in mine haha
Have a great day!

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