Personal portafolio website

Hello! I’m Justine form Guatemala, I would like to ask feedback!
thanks :smiley:

I love the simple design, Great job.

A few things I noticed, I see the page changes when you click it, but you don’t notice it unless you scroll down. Maybe changing the design so its easier to see the page changed or have it auto scroll down when you click it . Also, Projects is misspelled in the nav and on the Projects page. Your page title is only CV, maybe setting it to something more detailed would be good.

Those are just easy updates. Great Job and keep up the great work!

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Your portfolio shows a basic level of proficiency in web development. The structure of your site is simple and straightforward, but it lacks the responsiveness. don’t be upset because of what I say. You have to concentrate more, don’t settle for less.

All good :smiley: I really appreciate your time for giving me the feedback. I’ll be working on the responsiveness of the page.

Thank you Robertt for your feedback! I really apreciate it. I’ll work on those details

I like the look of the site!

I noticed that the navigation links in your header don’t take you to their sections. If you add their name attributes and then use # to tag them in the nav link they should work.

It would also be good practice to move your nav section to be inside of your header section, right now the nav section is placed after the closing tag of the header.