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Is it possible someone can help me minimize the steps of CSS i have in my codebit. Im not sure how to shorten or combine certain code to make it shorter and easier to look and code with?


Easier to read and understand yes, making your code neat by indenting, adding comments and putting spaces will make it easier to read…

looking at your latest codebit, you could start by removing all non existing html tags:
p7, h7, p0, p2, p1

I am sorry, but paragraphs tags are just paragraph tags, that is it:

<p>i am a paragraph</p>

h1 till h6 do exist (different heading size), h7 doesn’t exist. As for your css, if you want all the different colors and fonts, the css document just becomes lengthy (css is lengthy in general, not much to about that)

If you want to group certain selectors, you will need something like SASS

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thanks, i understand . So to be specific to one paragraph in css i’d have to just specify where its nested. What is SASS?

ill do that for sure, thanks

yea, you can specify it using a specific css selector chain, or you can use classes, id’s or nth-child. And more. If you don’t know these, take the html + css course, it will be explained there.

SASS is css extension, you can find there website here

Yes im taking that course now and learning parts about css selectors
Thanks for your time and help

CSS selectors is the bit you need to distinguish different paragraph. Good luck!