Personal Challenge Project

Greetings to all!

I am thrilled to announce the completion of my E-commerce project, which has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. While there is always room for improvement, I am currently satisfied with the outcome of my project.

If you have a moment, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the project. Please take a look at the link below and let me know if there are any areas that require further attention. Your valuable insights will be duly noted, and I look forward to incorporating them in future iterations.

Here is the link to the project.

As I continue with my studies, I hope to enhance my skills and knowledge further and apply them to future projects. Thank you for your time and support, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any comments.

Best regards,


Well done, though this shouldn’t have been posted to the Get Help section.

What technologies did you use for this? (i.e. any frameworks or big libraries)

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize for posting in the wrong section.

To answer your question, I have used pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for this project. I haven’t used any frameworks or big libraries.

Well I’ll assume that that was the outline of the project, but nonetheless, that makes it even more impressive. What did you use to store the cart and wishlist info between visits?

I used local storage to store the cart and wishlist information between visits, and I also created a function to load the cart products for the checkout process using the stored data. Additionally, I created another function to recreate the cart and wishlist when reloading the index. It was definitely a tricky process, but I’m glad I was able to find a solution through research and determination. Thank you again for your interest in my project!