Personal Budget I ( the phantom envelope )

My Personal Vision of Personal Budget :slight_smile:

Am I the first one to post it ?

Et voilà !

Some points I want to share, it was quite difficult to set up the api, I mean about the skeleton
I have set too much dependecies and I’m afraid to delete somes, I think that could break the api

Also I didn’t set any Front End, in the back end course ther is not much informations about how to do that. I hope I’m gonna to find more informations about express templates like Pug in the next lessons.

Anyway it was fun to set up the endpoints and see all this stuff running as well ! Also I’m a friend of Postman now, I think there’s much more to do with but it’s a good start.

Feel free to check my work and add some comments also you can find me on Discord channel, just looking for François :wink:

Cheers !

Hi! I just finished this project myself and checked out your API.

Most seems to work good! Only one thing struck me as odd, when updating an object I think you should use PUT instead of POST. But it seemed to work fine, so functionaliy wise no problem.

Also you’re requiring body-parser but not using it as far as I can tell!

Good job!