Person Portfolio Feedback

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right? - I feel like I had a hard time doing it just because I tried a lot of different things, I still have not implemented any JavaScript but I think I will use it for when I post my projects and have some pop-up windows for them or maybe add an animation in the future.
  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete - it took a few days
  • The link to your code repo GitHub - aylinhyusmen/ My portfolio website.

Could you guys give me some tips on how to make it better AND I really need help with making it responsive. Where do I start from? Do you have any comments? (Obviously it is not the final version so I will consider them and make changes ASAP)

Hi Aylin,

I have just posted my own project for feedback and thought I would take a look through some of the other posted ones and provide some of my own feedback!

Your website certainly has an interesting design. It works well on desktop, but I am struggling to see how it would work on a mobile? I think the best responsive websites are the ones with a simple design and a clear way for the content to be displayed on both mobile and larger screens. For example, a projects section might display all your projects in a row on larger screens, then switch to displaying them in a column on smaller screens. I think your website would benefit having the design tweaked to be more mobile friendly if you want it to be truely responsive, but that’s not to say the current design is all bad!

Your project has a cool look to it and it’s a very interesting design but I would consider adding media queries in your css to make sure that your headings don’t overlap. For example, this is how your page looks when it’s at around 40-50em:

Also, I think it would be better if the “About” text was aligned the same way as the “Resume” text for greater overall consistency. I would recommend changing the background color of your page every time a user clicks on it, that would be cool. Other than that, your page looks very good and professional!

thank you for taking the time to review my website I really appreciate it and yes, i will work to have everything perfect for the mobile and pc version for everybody i’m just not sure where to start it from. for me the :about text is actually shown the correct way but for other people it isn’t. but yeah, i appreciate it. <3