Permission denied with mkdir and touch (Gitbash)

I an trying to initialize a Git repository. I installed Git Bash on my computer. But I have a ‘message denied’ text each time I try to use he mkdir command. Could someone tell me how to fix this ? It did work on the Codecademy interface.


It’s a little complex as permissions for Windows aren’t the same as you may have been introduced to in any git/command line lessons. Creating files and folders in a part of your system where you don’t have write permissions will fail. However; you should have the rights to write to your own home directory, if you’ve not tried to alter it, then it’s typically C:\Users\your_user_name (replace the drive label C/D etc. and the final part with your actual username) which is often the best place to work anyway.

It’s the same directory which typically contains things like Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Pictures etc. etc. Try working there instead.

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