Permission denied when using rm in git bash


I am currently working on the lingua franca project,
and I am seem to keep getting a permission denied error when trying to delete any files or repositories using the “rm” command. I have tried using the commands chown and chmod in order to change the owner of the files and alter the permissions and it does not seem to work, but to be fair I am not sure what any of it is doing in the first place. It is certainly frustrating to not have permissions to alter or delete the files within my own computer, please help, I would very much appreciate

hi @sebwoe

you may want to assess whether you’re the owner of the file system. And make sure you’re using “git bash” terminal on windows to be able to follow the trade.

if the above mentioned doesn’t help, do take more screenshots and post it here so the community can assist you.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response @estforesta

I managed to delete the necessary file manually in my files, so I created a test text file in the folder as I am still confused as to what is going on and would very much like to know my way around this.

I believe I have ownership of the repositories, but only read permissions for any other file type. I think this is why my system is preventing me from deleting the file, the same also occurred when I tried on windows command prompt and with running git bash as the administrator. I have tried using the chown and chmod commands on the file but I am also denied permission to do this. This is only occurring within the Lingua Franca repositories, as I am fully capable of using rm, chown, and chmod on files and repositories outside of Lingua Franca.

Is there anyway I can get around this? I would appreciate any potential solutions that are provided. I am still very much a beginner with using the command line, so I don’t understand much of what is going on here.

May I know how did you clone this copy down from Codecademy?

EDIT: I’ve download the zip file. And unzipped to perform the following.

Hence I was thinking for you to re-download and try again? Not sure if it would work. I was thinking for a while to determine where could be the problem but couldn’t realized where’s the problem.

Below here is a link to assist your referencing as well, hope it helps.

Let me know your progress then?