Perceptron Logic Gates Project

while doing the perceptron logic gates project

At step 14, for creating a heat map, we have to reshape the distances to a matrix of 2x2.
the distances represents points which can be expressed in coordinates. The distances were found using a mathematical equation and while reshaping the 1000 number of distances in 2x2 format, the coordinates that form this data isn’t representative of the actual distances that we found out using the classifier’s .decision_function() method!
wouldn’t that mean that the heat map we created is wrong ?
shouldn’t we find the actual co-ordinates for the distances containing those 1000 points and put them in the plt.pcolormesh() method ?
if yes, how do we that ?

Not sure if you still need help with this but just in case you do…

The 2x2 format was just an example for the numpy code. The actual step is the last bit of step 14:

Turn abs_distances into a 100 by 100 list and name it distances_matrix .

The code to do this is:

distances_matrix = np.reshape(abs_distances, (100, 100))