Penguin, Properties, and the Prototype - Correct output, incorrect result?


20. Penguins, Properties, and the Prototypes

The error I get is "Oops, try again. Make sure to log the number of legs emperor has!"
But in the console, it actually does log "2".

function Penguin(name) { = name;
    this.numLegs = 2;

// create your Emperor class here and make it inherit from Penguin
function Emperor(name) { = name;

Emperor.prototype = new Penguin();

// create an "emperor" object and print the number of legs it has
var emperor = new Emperor("boo");
console.log = emperor.numLegs;


HI this line

console.log = emperor.numLegs;

the console.log() has that structure

console.log(/*Here put what you want to print*/);

after you change it refresh the page


Oh my gosh. Refreshing the page is what did it. I tried both formats! Thanks so much. :]


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