[PENDNG] Typo in the explanation's image

There’s a typo in the explanation’s image:

the #include "city.hpp" should be after the // city.cpp, as it makes no sense to include the city.hpp within the city.hpp itself.


// city.cpp is just a comment, which you is valid both before and after an import. The compiler ignores comments.

as i understand it, they’re using the comments to denote different files.

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the include city.hpp shouldn’t be there at all? Given this is city.hpp (as mentioned by the comment)

Seems like a bug indeed

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As i understand it the #include city.hpp should be present at the top of the city.cpp file, right?

just like here: image


I agree with you, @arnodunstatter. It appears they are using //city.hpp and //city.cpp to indicate which code is located in each file. #include "city.hpp" should be found in the city.cpp file. I’ll get this reported to the Codecademy engineering team, so they can correct it. Thanks for spotting it!