[PENDING] Why doesn't this form element code work?

I’ve attached a screen shot so ya’ll can see what I am facing, I feel like I’ve followed the instructions and I still can’t solve this problem.

-My form element is within the section element.

  • I’ve assigned an action attribute of “./practice.html” and a method attribute of “POST”.

I’ve gotten to the point where I wonder if there’s an error with the lesson but it’s difficult to believe given that this is a course for coding. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but the only difference I can see between my working code and your code is that I have action="./practice.html". Give that a go, if not maybe complete the rest of the lesson how you think you do it, then just View solution and see what they changed.

EDIT: I have reset the exercise and copied in my functioning code, and I think it might just be Codecademy not working properly right now as I am also getting the X.


@adamgaffney137183916 I’m moving this to be looked at as a potential bug. Thanks for pointing out that several users were having the issue.

Any luck getting through to anyone? I’m still unable to move on.

Thanks for responding, still having the issue unfortunately.