[Pending] The Real Estate Investment Trust Project Needs Work

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the Real Estate Investment Trust project in the Analyze Financial Data with Python course contains a number of errors. For one, the solutions file doesn’t seem to match up with the project file. Certain exercises included in the project file are missing from the solutions file, and it also looks like the adjusted closing values in the solutions file are different from the ones that print when you load the csv files in the project file.

Second, there is one exercise that tells you to define a function, but the function is already defined for you.

There are also several places in the project file where it just says “Type Markdown and LaTeX: 𝛼2”. Not sure what that means. And there are also several typos throughout the project file. Not going to lay out all of those b/c there are a number of them, but overall it just seems like this one got uploaded without any sort of proofing and is in need of significant revision.

Here is my code, in case anyone wanted to see it!

Thank you for pointing it out.

I got the same results as @sgodrej, while it seems that the data in the solution project is wrongly imported.

By the way, I do think these projects need some quite serious proofing.