[Pending] Learn HTML > Forms > Form-A-Story Project | Original Story broken + Typo in story depiction

Summary: Hey everyone, theres a problem on the lesson. Firstly, there’s a small typo when depicting the user’s custom story. There is an “and” missing before the word “yelled”. Secondly, the whole Original Story is broken, because it tries to show values that don’t exist, filling the whole story with “null” instead of the actual characters/words.


Steps to Reproduce: I did it on Chrome, but should happen on every browser as the problem lies in the files of the project.

Fix or Workaround: The typo can be fixed easily by adding the word “and” in line 35 of the main.js file. As for the second bug, it can be fixed by altering the original.html file. First, by removing the id=“title” nested inside the h1 tag in line 16, and secondly by removing the id=“story” nested inside the article tag in line 17


  1. https://gyazo.com/ca35829c2537b725bada9ab6eb6f8723
  2. https://gyazo.com/7ff598cff668be405499806ea8f135e3

Hi there!

Thanks for posting!

I’ve taken a look at the project you’ve flagged, and you’re right - there is a typo in the story, as well as a bit of a mix-up on the “Original Story” page.

I’ll report this back to Codecademy and we should see it fixed in the not too distant future.

Thanks for reporting this. :+1: