[PENDING] Cannot click on up next

CodeAcademy seems to be frozen. I click on “Up Next”, but nothing happens. It says I am connected. Is there any workaround?

I went back to the main menu, and then I seem to be able to resume. I think this means I have solved the problem.

Did this issue occur on a project?

Which lesson, if you could be please share the URL

It was in the Javascript tutorial. I was in Objects, but I am further along now. Once in a while, the middle panel where I write code is frozen and not available. I just go to the main menu, and resume, and the problem seems to go away.

That sounds awful, has this been happening from a while or today only?
If its today only please can you monitor and reply back if it reoccurs, as I’ll need more info and a persistent problem in order for me to report.

I just need to clear something there’s two issues?

  1. Can’t click the next button
  2. Middle panel freezes

Or is it the same issue ?

It seems like the same issue to me. It just depends where you are in the process when you see it. It has happened intermittently for over a week. I don’t think it is an internet problem because I have a very fast connection, and the screen says I am still connected to CodeAcademy, although I do lose the connection once in a while. My workaround works just fine, so it doesn’t really cost me a lot of time anymore.

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I am having the same trouble again. It gives me a message do I want to wait or exit the page. I say wait, and it just freezes for 30 seconds, and gives me the same pop up again.

I am clicking on check work, and there is virtually no response (it freezes and then asks if I want to wait or exit the page).

What course are you taking ?
is it the same course as previously?

Yes. Javascript for developers.

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