[PENDING] Bash course

There is some problems in the bash scripting course.

it will throw errors when there aren’t any in the script


There is a couple of other occasions where it does this but it hasn’t hindered my progress too much. This is making learning very difficult though.

Steps to reproduce: Just go into this section of the course and try to start completing the steps. It will error out just adding in the read.

Cannot get past this section manually but a workaround is to just ask for solution and submit and move on i suppose.

edit: in the previous section, it was erroring out on the stage where you have to incremement by 1.

unfortunately this is the meat of that excerise and i pulled my hair out over that for a good few minutes before giving up and hitting get solution and moving on (everything was exactly the same, i compared it in a clipboard comparer. )


Hi there.

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve just completed the “Bash Scripting” lesson, and I cannot recreate the problem. I was able to complete the tasks of each lesson with no “unwarranted” errors. (I did, however, get genuine errors where I made mistakes.)

Without seeing the script which triggered the error, along with a screenshot of the error, I may not be able to reproduce this. :slight_smile: