I have tried starting SEVERAL FREE courses today and all of them have been redirected to pay or return to curriculum.

Anyone help?

Do you have links to said courses?


leads to

Are all 9 discrete math courses like that?

I don’t know… this was beginner friendly and free, so I tried to start it and 2 other courses and the paywall hit.

I haven’t tried clicking on the Start button, but if I click on “Lesson” (in screenshot), it does allow me access to the free content.

For the course you mentioned (, only the “Lesson” is free. The articles and quiz are locked.

Even in free courses, there is content that is unavailable to non-subscribers. Usually, most (not all) quizzes and projects (even in free courses) are locked away as mentioned in,

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Thanks. I guess CodeCademy is really pushing the paywall.

Mit Opencourseware has great lectures on discrete math.

All the content is free including the hw packets and exams.

Also there’s a well-known book offered for free (Book of Proof): Book of Proof