Paypal Account Charged, not Pro




I purchased Pro on Monday using my paypal account. I received the charge, but my account has not been updated. I was contacted within 72 hours (towards the end of this window) with an email asking me if it had been fixed. I responded 30 minutes later (this was 48 hours ago), and have yet to hear anything back.

As someone who works in customer service, this is a terrible experience.


Hi Rwabramowitz (@rwabramowitz),

Please reach out to the pro team via our Help Page

I am sorry for the inconvenience...

@daniellakisza Please have a look at this


Would really like to be able to have Pro for this weekend.....


Unfortunately its not in our hands(CC Moderators) I have contacted the Pro team, they will respond to you :slight_smile:


@rwabramowitz Sincere apologies for this issue. We have our team working on it right now and will contact you directly to resolve.