Patrick Vicente's Portfolio Project

Would love to receive feedback on my project. I am new in programming. Started last Dec 2022 with Harvard’s CS50

Please not that I am yet to work on it being responsive. I focused on HTML CSS and Javascript and will add @media in the future.

I like the aesthetic a lot. A few issues I noticed as I went through:

  • The icon in the top-left corner doesn’t really do anything but spin on hover. You could have this clickable and link back to the top of your page to give users a way to reset.
  • Your About Me button doesn’t have a way to close the pop-up once opened, which obfuscates other info on the page.
  • Where are the Know More buttons on the projects supposed to lead to? They seem to just be resetting the page.
  • The icons in your footer, when hovered, grow and scale up. This is pushing the text for your copyright down and out of the viewport.

Overall, nicely done!