Path vanished from Home page and many courses hidden in Beta

Hi, I’ve been working on the Data Science Path for a couple months now and it used to be that when I clicked on “My Courses” I would see the whole path laid out for me, with the nice little confetti over the courses I’d finished and the full list of courses to go.

Well, yesterday my path disappeared from that page. If I select create a new path, I can see that Data Science is still marked as “Current Path” and I can’t add it back. The skills list Matplotlib, Pandas and Numpy, but all of those courses vanished and it took me forever to find that they are how hidden in the Beta catalog.

I’m glad I can keep going, but what gives with this re-org? My profile now doesn’t live me credit for the Matplotlib course I just finished. It only lists the 5 skills I’d completed previously. It’s not going to stop me, but I’m wondering if other coders have see this happen and if someone can explain the change.

Same here. Thanks, Caitlinh for the heads up on the beta courses.