Path to ethical hacker?

Hey, i am obv new here and i was wondering what path/courses/articles should i learn/read/practice to become an ethical hacker? I’ve done Python 3 course, SQL introduction, HTML introduction and i just have no idea where to start.
I’ve done some research online, bought some books about hacking, but the books are too complicated for me as a newbie to understand. I am missing something, does anyone know where to start my path towards an ethical hacker? I appreciate all responds.

Ethical hacker (or just regular hacker) takes years, writing code, studying software, studying hardware, understanding the different layers, understanding network, networking protocols, reading books and so much more

there isn’t really one path, because being an hacker is almost an art. Its a mindset, the desire to understand how things work, taking things and layers apart.

What some people call hacking is just phishing, then there are the script kiddies (using existing exploits/tools)


I thank you for your answer. I got alooot of work to do :stuck_out_tongue: haha
Thank you for widening my eyes :slight_smile:
Is there any courses where you can get a wider understanding of network on Codecademy?

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that is not even an understatement

not so far i know, codecademy mostly focus on teaching programming languages, something you will also need


Everyone gotta start somewhere :+1:
Thank you for your time.


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