Path selection to design an ERP for a farm

Hello everyone, I want to know what you think about the path I chosed in order to develop an ERP for a farm

“Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist Career Path”, with the aim of choosing an open source ERP like Odoo and being able to customize it myself.
I have no experience in the technological world and I am not a programmer, that makes me so worried about choosing the right path and excited about new possibilities.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hello @mdsciv ,

Welcome to the forums! :wave:

It looks like Odoo uses Python and Javascript for its programming languages. I am not familiar with Odoo. Would it require you to know Python and Javascript in order for you to customize it? With some ERPs, the application can be customized without any knowledge of the programming languages they were written in. You would use their setup/configuration areas to customize the application for your use. The Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist Career Path would teach you some Python programming and how to query your data in SQL. Here’s a good explanation of data science. The focus is more on analyzing your data, looking for patterns, using the Python libraries etc.