Passwordchecker not working

I just almost finished my password checker project, but i always get an error. i know its from the swich statement. please help. Thanks in advance!

using System; namespace PasswordChecker { class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { int minLength=(8); string uppercase=("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"); string lowercase=("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"); string digits=("1234567890"); string specialChars=("+\"*ç%&/()=?!èéà£üöä¦@#°§¬"); int score=0; OUT: Console.WriteLine("Enter Password Here:"); string password=(Console.ReadLine()); Console.WriteLine("Is \""+password+"\" your password?"); Console.WriteLine("If correct press y, if not press n."); string check=(Console.ReadLine()); if (check=="y") //Password is correct resume { int len = password.Length; if (len >= minLength) { score++; } if (Tools.Contains(password, uppercase)) { score++; } if (Tools.Contains(password, lowercase)) { score++; } if (Tools.Contains(password, digits)) { score++; } if (Tools.Contains(password, specialChars)) { score++; } Console.WriteLine(score); swich (score) { case 5: case 4: Console.WriteLine("Password strength is extremely strong."); break; case 3: Console.WriteLine("Password strength is strong."); break; case 2: Console.WriteLine("Password strength is medium."); break; case 1: Console.WriteLine("Password strength is weak."); break; case 0: Console.WriteLine("Password strength is crap."); break; default: Console.WriteLine("ERROR!"); break; } } else { Console.WriteLine("Ok, try again"); goto OUT; } } } }

swich should be switch


THANK YOU SO MUCH im so stupid