Password Validation using HTML5

Hi, I am an application developer. While working on a project, I faced an issue related to validating password with regular expressions using JavaScript. I hope any tech developer may help me in resolving this issue. I have also figure out many mobile development forum to enhance my android & IOS programming knowledge & it’s a great experience to learn skills from there.

the <input type="password"> offers great possibility, best to my knowledge, not yet validation of password

there is a maxlength attribute, you can find the full list here

i do hope you do server side validation besides the client side validation, please tell me you do?

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The pattern attribute may help you validate their password client side, but like @stetim94 said, it’s good to validate it on the server too, just in case :slight_smile:


from MDN:
The regular expression language is the same as JavaScript RegExp algorithm

so then it is very similar to js?

not just in case, you should do this, only client side validation is a security joke

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@stetim94 Correct, it’s a JS regular expression, inside the attribute.

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