Passed Section But Unclear As To Readout?


The code accomplishes it's objective however it follows the "print modes"
instruction 7 times initially?

The modes should be printed once and the it should ask for your guess.

modes = ['C Ionian' , 'D Dorian' , 'E Phrygian' ,  'F Lydian' , 'G Mixolydian' , 'A Aeolian' , 'B Locrian']
print "What Is The Thrird Mode Of C Major?"
guesses_left = 3
while guesses_left > 0:
    for i in modes:
        print modes
    guess = raw_input("Your guess?: ")
    if guess == "E Phrygian":
        print "You Rock"
    guesses_left -= 1
    print "Loserrr"


Print each mode instead of printing all modes one time for each mode


Oh my god, I was making it too difficult. Shut down yesterday came back today changed to print i
and it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the push.